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Korala UKT-36 Tenor Ukulele - Ultimate Value


Korala UKT-36 Tenor Ukulele - Ultimate Value

Manufacturer: Korala



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What is this? A cheap tenor ukulele that is decent is the answer. The Korala UKT-36 is the model we've found that fits the bill for a tenor ukulele that is cheap as it is possible to be - while still doing the business. There is nothing fancy about it, but it is very good value. The geared tuners work, the laminate mahogany body is neat and tidy, as is the rosewood fingerboard. It plays well too - it really is basic, but good.

So, it is inexpensive, but it sounds great right? Wrong. Actually it sounds distinctly average on account of the cheap nylon strings that are on. They're underpowered and don't hold their tuning well. Well, at this price there had to be a drawback! Still, it is easily rectified. Either you fit some strings yourself, or you can choose from our selection of string upgrades below. Pop one of these into your basket at the same time as the Korala UKT-36, and we'll replace the duff strings with quality strings of your choice.

With better strings on and it is a different animal. It isn't an animal. But if it was it would be different. It matches up well with the basic Kala and Lanikai models and competes exceptionally well with the likes of Makala.

In summary, we've picked this uke because it is inexpensive. Obviously, economies have to be made - and in this case it is the strings. But, that is easily sorted - it still looks fine, is finished fine and plays fine, all of which are much more important. If you're a beginner looking for a tenor ukulele, but have a limited budget - this Korala UKT-36 will do the job.