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Korala UKS-36 Soprano Ukulele - Ultimate Value


Korala UKS-36 Soprano Ukulele - Ultimate Value

Manufacturer: Korala



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This is a soprano ukulele that is well made and well finished while representing extremelty good value. The Korala UKS-36 is capable of a very nice tone and is perfect for beginners starting to play for the first time - or those who have perhaps had a toy, coloured ukulele and want to get a little more serious. The laminate mahogany body is well put together and the ukulele has geared tuners which do their job well.

One thing that does let these ukuleles down is the strings. They sound pretty but the stability of tuning isn't great and we'd strongly suggest you choose one of the available string upgrades below, either Aquila, Savarez or Worth. Putting these 'upgrade' products in your basket means we'll fit the strings prior to sending your uke - saving you the job, while transforming the UKS-36 ukulele from a nice little uke to a excellent ukulele in its price bracket.

We've found this little ukulele to be impressive value. Certainly, its relatively plain looks aren't going to stop traffic - but at this sort of price we've struggled to find anything better. Nothing to stop you spending more and getting something better, but if this is the sort of budget you're working to when buying a ukulele, you could do much much worse!