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Korala UKC-36 Concert Ukulele - Ultimate Value

£49.00 £47.00

Korala UKC-36 Concert Ukulele - Ultimate Value

Manufacturer: Korala


£49.00 £47.00

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This ukulele is fantastic value for money. It is priced below all of the mahogany laminate concert ukuleles available, yet still has the same quality. Its construction and level of finish are good, and it holds its tuning well. This Korala concert ukulele would be the rival of lots of more well known brands like Kala and Lanikai if only it had better strings... With Aquila, Worth or Savarez strings this uke can sound very nice indeed. We offer a range of string upgrades to choose from below, where we will fit the strings for you. If you've got strings at home to put on, that is fine, but otherwise it is strongly recommended to let us put some on for you!

With better strings like Aquila fitted, this Korala concert ukulele gives a really nice, bright tone, while the set up and action is good too, making it a very playable ukulele. If you are looking to start playing the ukulele or are upgrading from a cheap and cheerful (or perhaps nasty!) coloured ukulele, this is a great concert ukulele to consider without breaking the bank. A concert size ukulele gives a little bit more volume and a bit more space on the fingerboard, so is a good uke for those who aren't too dextrous!