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Korala UKC-210 Concert Ukulele - Low Price, High Quality Tone


Korala UKC-210 Concert Ukulele - Low Price, High Quality Tone

Manufacturer: Korala



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There are a couple of problems with inexpensive concert ukuleles. One is, unlike the soprano, there isn't really a super-budget option. The other is that when you push the cost right down you can get quality issues. Happily, this Korala UKC-210 manages to at least solve the latter problem, it really is good for the money. The price is as low as most concert ukes go, its not high for what it is by any means, but its not £25 either. However, if you are looking to buy a decent concert ukulele for a beginners, but don't want to spend too much, this is up there with the best we've seen.

The Korala UKC-210 is an all laminate instrument, as you'd expect from nearly every concert uke under £80 or so. The sapele used has a nice grain and stripe to it, and the satin finish is smoothly applied and looks nice. Everything is neat and tidy with no glue marks and though it isn't fancy, it is smart. The rosewood fingerboard is particularly good, nice and smooth with well dressed frets - something that is better on this than on many more expensive models. The Korala UKC-210 has Aquila strings fitted and has sturdy looking closed, geared machine heads.

Even though the Korala UKC-210 looks smart and plays nicely, the best thing is the tone. This is rich and well balanced - meaning the high and low notes are pronounced at the same volume, giving an even sound. The volume and sustain are also good. You can get hold of this concert uke, learn a few chords and sound pretty good almost straight away - it really does sound nice.

The Korala UKC-210 has a total length of 60cm, with a 26cm scale. The width at the nut is 35mm, the top bout width is 15cm, bottom bout 20.5cm and body depth varies from 6cm to 6.5cm with an arched back.

In conclusion, this for the price is exceptional value, with a very high build quality and a tone you don't usually hear at this price level.