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Korala UKB-36 Baritone Ukulele - Ultimate Value


Korala UKB-36 Baritone Ukulele - Ultimate Value

Manufacturer: Korala



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This in an incredibly well priced baritone ukulele, and an absolutely perfect choice for ukulele players used to their GCEA tuned instruments - who want to dabble a bit with a baritone in DGBE. If you're looking to add a baritone to your ukulele collection, but don't want to splash out a great deal of money, this Korala UKB-36 is a great choice. The price is low, and for that it is true - you get something that is very plain to look at. But the essentials are there, the set up is fine, the geared tuners work and the fingerboard and frets are very well done for such a budget instrument.

If there is a drawback it is the strings, and this can be easily resolved. The nylon strings that are fitted at the factory are ok at best. The wound strings aren't bad at all but the treble strings are a bit 'watery', if that is a description that can be used to describe a sound! They also slip out of tune with greater rapidity than is ideal. There are baritone string upgrades listed below - where we will fit the strings of your choice (in the tuning of your choice), when you order the UKB-36 from Korala.

Aquila strings are very popular and while they're not everyone's cup of tea, the DGBE set work very nicely with this baritone ukulele, delivering a rich, rolling tone with a classical edge. Strung up with some decent baritone ukulele strings and the Korala UKB-36 sounds the equivalent of ukes that are significantly more expensive.