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Kinsman Super Lead Headphone Guitar Amplifier KAC701

£16.99 £13.44

Kinsman Super Lead Headphone Guitar Amplifier KAC701

Manufacturer: Kinsman


£16.99 £13.44

The delivery cost of this item is £2.95.

The Kinsman Super Lead puts wailing lead lines and howling solos in the palm of your hand.
From Slash to Satch and Vai to Vedder, the tones you need are all there!

Perfect for silent practice with amazing tones, pocket-sized and easy on your wallet, these Kinsman Mini Jack Amplifiers are ideal for the guitarist on the go.

Use their versatile Gain, Tone and Volume controls to hone your very own sound, and play along with your favourite tracks using the aux socket. Whether you're noodling in your room, warming up before hitting the stage, or travelling the world with just your guitar and a bag on your back, then you'll really need one of these...

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