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Kinsman Dynamic Overdrive including free PSU


Kinsman Dynamic Overdrive including free PSU

Manufacturer: Kinsman



The delivery cost of this item is £2.95.

If you're a rock, blues, jazz, pop, indie, metal or punk player, the Kinsman Dynamic Overdrive should be the first pedal on your board for every show. With its versatile Level, Gain and Gain Boost controls, the Dynamic Overdrive is just perfect for anything from slow, smoky blues to crisp pop melodies and thrashed punk chords. Use it on your guitar's clean signal for creamy, stadium-filling classic overdrive sounds, or flick the switch when you want to drive your already-broken up valve amp to the edge of sanity for that big solo!

Rugged and durable in their solid metal enclosures, the Kinsman pedals all feature True Bypass as standard – so your signal and all-important tone are not affected or impeded at all when the pedal is switched off – and can powered either by 9 volt battery or mains adapter.

Includes free power supply.