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Kala UBASS Rumbler Electro Acoustic Bass Ukulele & Gig Bag

£424.99 £373.00

Kala UBASS Rumbler Electro Acoustic Bass Ukulele & Gig Bag

Manufacturer: Kala


£424.99 £373.00

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This is the Kala Rumbler, a bass ukulele designed to be very similar to the exceptionally popular Kala U Bass 1, but with a laminate, rather than a solid mahogany body. The solid tonewood vs laminate debate is less crictical with a bass instrument, and the laminate construction helps to cut down the price significantly (although you'd still not say they were cheap, it has to be said). Still, for your money you get a nice instrument, and one that is exceptionally fun to play, with a rich, bass tone that sounds great when amplified.

The Kala Rumbler is equipped with new silver Rumbler strings which have more tension than the first incarnation of U-BASS strings. Their rubbery feel takes a bit of getting used to but the sound from them, you'll instantly warm to. These Aquila made strings are impressive, but they are a bit of a triumph of marketing. Lets not beat around the bush, they're grey, not silver!

Acoustically the Rumbler bass is fine for solo practice or maybe accompanying one other uke - but the volume isn't massive - so it needs to be plugged in. The Kala piezo pickup is equipped with active EQ and a built in tuner. The tuner is a bonus because much as many clip on tuners have a bass function, they aren't all that good at picking up the vibration - so this is a handy gadget. Plugged in, the sound is really good, rounded, deep, powerful.

Although the battery compartment and jack input is located off to one side of the bottom of the Rumbler, Kala have given it a nice strap button, which stands well proud of the body, making it really easy to use.

If you are thinking of dabbling in the world of the Kala U-BASS - this Kala Rumbler bass ukulele is a great place to start.