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Kala KA-TG Gloss Finish Tenor Ukulele

£119.99 £107.99

Kala KA-TG Gloss Finish Tenor Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£119.99 £107.99

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The Kala KA-TG is a gloss version of the ever popular Kala KA-T tenor ukulele. Essentially the two models are the same, with the only difference being the KA-TG is nice and shiny! However, the build quality of the KA-TG seems particularly nice, and they look and feel more expensive than they are. Couple to this, the gloss finish has the effect of brightening the tone and increasing the projection it delivers, making this a uke that is loud and proud!

The Kala KA-TG is fitted with Aquila strings and is an ideal ukulele for serious beginners who want to get to grips with the uke. It is nicely made and plays very nicely, meaning there is nothing to stop a learner progressing and nothing to put anyone one. In fact, it is perfectly capable of sounding very nice indeed.

The gloss finish Kala KA-TG tenor ukulele has closed, geared tuners and these, together with the Aquila strings, provide stable tuning. The fingerboard and bridge are good quality rosewood and there is some nice binding on the body to complete the look. It does cost a little more than the standard Kala KA-T, but sings loudly and looks smart - making that extra bit of investment worthwhile.