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Kala KA-KTG Koa Series Slotted Headstock Tenor Ukulele

£229.99 £195.00

Kala KA-KTG Koa Series Slotted Headstock Tenor Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£229.99 £195.00

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The Kala KA-KTG is a bit of a strange ukulele. Not strange in that it looks very nice, or that it plays beautifully, or that the tone really is excellent. It is more the fact that it is a laminate uke that sounds better than some of their solid tops. And the price is around the same price as the solid tonewood topped ukes they do. In theory this sounds like a bad deal, you get less specification for the same price. However, in practice, you get such a lovely, lively and clean-ringing tone that is really throws inĀ  spanner in the works of the 'solid is best' argument. Though in general, solid is best, this Kala KA-KTG certainly bucks the trend. I've never quite understood how exceptions prove the rule, but it is widely in use, so here goes 'the KA-KTG is the exception that proves the rule'!

The laminate Hawaiian koa has a nice vertical grain on the body, which looks nice with the maple binding. That maple binding continues onto the fretboard, which is a nice touch. The headstock has a nicely flamed koa cap, which really looks gorgeous with the slot-head format and top quality, Grover geared tuners. There's a mother of pearl Kala logo inlaid in the KA-KTG headstock too, together with a Nubone nut and saddle and D'addario strings. The strings are a positive feature over the ubiquitous Aquila selection that most ukes are fitted with. They are clearer, and offer good sustain. This uke features a wound low C - which is going to put some people off. But we'd say if you are going to buy a KA-KTG tenor ukulele, give it a try. We sell strings and do string upgrades, so you'd think it is in our interest to suggest you change the strings - but honestly, it is well worthing trying it with the D'addario set that is fitted. Super sweet and nice ringing tone.