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Kala KA-KSLNG Koa Long Neck Soprano Ukulele


Kala KA-KSLNG Koa Long Neck Soprano Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala



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This long neck soprano, the Kala KA-KSLNG is a beautiful little thing, with gorgeous looks and a substantial tone. The body is laminate koa. The manufacturer description, which you'll find on lots of other sites, goes on about this being genuine Hawaiian koa, hand selected and harvested on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is true, and it looks stunning, but it isn't to be confused with solid koa. That said, the design of this ukulele, the gloss finish and the fact it is well put together does produce a uke with a very good tone indeed. In general, you would say that yes, solid woods are better than laminates. However, there are exceptions where, at a certain price level, you can get a uke that sounds as good as solid alternatives - and that is very much true of the KA-KSLNG. If you are a purist who must have solid tonewood, fine - but if you can be flexible and just go for something that sounds great now, then this long neck soprano uke is a great option.

This Kala KA-KSLNG ukulele has been paired with D'addario Titanium strings, as opposed to Aquila, which is on most other Kala models. And this is an example of either Kala doing some worthwhile research into what strings work best with the uke, or perhaps just a tie-up between two big names in the uke industry. If the latter is true and this is an accident, then it is certainly a happy one as there is volume and projection aplenty. The tone is very full indeed, a gentle strum giving tenor-like depth - but still generating sweet, high overtones that make this sound distinctly soprano in nature. The concert scale neck, with 35mm nut width make this really playable too - for the larger fingered.

This uke is a real beauty, with its high gloss finish and the truly lovely golden glow of the Hawaiian koa veneer. The bound fingerboard has the samme maple binding that follows around the body, for a lovely contrast. There's a nice inlaid wood soundhole rosetter and open, gold Grover tuners too - together with graph tech nut and saddle.

The KA-KSLNG from Kala really challenged the 'solid is best' camp, with such a gorgeous, full tone with sweet overtones. Design and build play a key role too and in this long neck soprano ukulele, Kala have excelled themselves.