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Kala KA-JTE HB Satin Electro Acoustic Archtop Tenor Ukulele

£279.99 £219.00

Kala KA-JTE HB Satin Electro Acoustic Archtop Tenor Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£279.99 £219.00

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This is a really gorgeous finish to Kala's popular archtop tenor electro ukuleles. The honey burst satin finish is lovely to look at and lovely to touch. Add to that the interesting f-holes, lovely palm tree abalone inlay on the 12th fret of the rosewood fingerboard, the pearl style body, back and neck binding and the lovely grain coming through on the mahogany back and you have plenty to feast your eyes on.

In terms of sound, the Kala KA-JTE HB has a fresh, crisp tone. It is possible that sound is ever so slightly better than the two tone sunburst and black gloss models, just on account of the lack of a gloss finish. They sound nice, this sounds 5% nicer - not much in it! The volume acoustically is on the average side, but the sound is very pretty, with individual notes picked out quite nicely and an attractive fullness when strummed. Not the loudest, but very pretty.

This is where the active Shadow EQ comes in, as the sound comes very clearly through to an amplier, allowing you to boost the volume and control the tone in a controlled manner. If you are after a uke to play at home and plug in from time to time, this has enough punch for one person. If you want to use this Kala archtop tenor for gigs, and you usually amplify, then it is great. If you want to take this along to ukulele groups and play acoustically there is a chance you could get a bit drowned out by people thrashing their ukes! In short, this is lovely for solo play and when plugged in.

The action is good, and the intonation excellent right the way up the neck. So, with the Kala KA-JTE HB you get a nice sounding tenor ukulele, which really performs when plugged in, and you get showstopper looks too!