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Kala KA-JTE/2TS Satin Electro Acoustic Archtop Tenor Ukulele

£319.99 £285.00

Kala KA-JTE/2TS Satin Electro Acoustic Archtop Tenor Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£319.99 £285.00

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It is tempting when a uke looks this good and distinctive, to harp on about those great Kala Archtop ukulele looks. But it is more important to point out that this tenor ukulele has a great sound, with the f-holes providing a distinctive tonality. You can instantly see this Kala KA-JTE tenor ukulele is a looker, but if you are reading this - it is unlikely you've got one in your hands - so please take our word for it that this uke is not just a novelty, far from it, it sounds the business too.

The sound of this KA-JTE/2TS tenor archtop ukulele is really nice when the uke is played acoustically. However, when it is plugged into an amp, it takes on a whole new life - it really does sound nice. Without the amp it isn't fantastically loud, but the tone is sweet and it has enough volume to carry it nicely. Through an amp, the f-holes help to reduce feedback giving a better sound that some other, standard ukes with the same electrics.

There have been reviews on this Kala KA-JTE/2TS suggesting the action is high, but the examples we have are nice, and our workshop set up would avoid any issues with action anyway. The rosewood fingerboard is nice and tidy and the frets are well dressed - making this tenor uke a pleasure to play.

The Kala KA-JTE 2TS has a beautiful satin tobacco sunburst finish, an abalone palm tree inlay on the gretboard, mahogany neck, spruce top, mahogany back and sides, pearloid binding and Shadow Electrics - the active NANO-FLEX EQ system to be precise. This is then capped off with Aquila strings.

Please note, this uke was once available as a gloss finish, but Kala have decided to make them all in satin, suggesting the tone is better without a heavy lacquer.