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Kala KA-CEME Exotic Mahogany Electro Concert Ukulele

£174.99 £148.00

Kala KA-CEME Exotic Mahogany Electro Concert Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£174.99 £148.00

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This Kala KA-CEME is a particular favourite of ours as it ticks a lot of boxes. Looks are great, playability is good and the sound is very impressive. It is at a price point where it is tricky to get a really decent concert electro uke, but the KA-CEME is certainly that. The strong grain of the exotic mahogany veneer is visible through a very nice, smooth satin finish for a striking look. While the black binding is very simple, it certainly contrasts nicely with the body colour. Overall the strong grain is particularly attractive and almost gives a 3D effect - in short, lovely!

The Kala KA-CEME concert electro ukulele has a Kala UK-300TR active EQ. A great feature of this ukulele is the built in tuner, which is simple to use and very handy indeed. If you've ever lost or forgotten a clip on ukulele tuner, you'll be delighted with this really convenient gadget. There are volume, bass and treble controls and through an amp, the sound is very impressive. Kala's top end ukes also have this particular unit fitted, so they've not skimped on the quality of it.

In terms of tone, the Kala KA-CEME is very strong, outperforming many of the similarly priced ukes. It is difficult to put a label on what it sounds like, other than to say its bass and treble notes are very well matched - giving an even tone. The volume is good too, and the uke is very responsive to different playing styles. Bright, snappy chords can be played, or richer, more melodic slower chords with the pad of the thumb, producing strongly contrasting sounds.

It isn't the cheapest possible option for a concert electro ukulele, but it offers a nice quality of finish, visually it is a stunner and it pays to have spent the extra with the delivery of that rich, balanced tone.