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Kala KA-CEM Exotic Mahogany Concert Ukulele with Aquila Strings

£117.99 £106.19

Kala KA-CEM Exotic Mahogany Concert Ukulele with Aquila Strings

Manufacturer: Kala


£117.99 £106.19

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This is the KA-CEM concert ukulele from Kala, similar in specification to their KA-C model, and therefore a good value ukulele for serious ukulele beginners. The difference is the material used in the construction, with a more exotic mahogany used to make the Kala KA-CEM concert ukulele. This has a pleasant amber colour, with nicely patterned wood grain.

Although slightly more expensive than the basic Kala model, the KA-CEM isn't just an exercise in making a ukulele look pretty. The tone, with the Aquila strings and exotic mahogany, is better than the base model too. Not by a massive amount, but enough to make it worth the extra, certainly.

As well as the Aquila strings, the Kala KA-CEM uke has pleasant black binding, a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and chrome die-cast geared ukulele tuners. Altogether, it is good value, a nice little ukulele and just a little bit more special than most at this price level, with a good tone and stable tuning once the strings have settled in after a week or so.