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Kala KA-CE Electro Concert Ukulele - Satin Finish

£161.99 £144.99

Kala KA-CE Electro Concert Ukulele - Satin Finish

Manufacturer: Kala


£161.99 £144.99

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The Kala KA-CE is a great all rounder of a ukulele for the price. It is based on the Kala KA-C which is one of the world's most popular ukuleles, and is fitted with a Kala UK-300TR active EQ for amplification. This handy little unit also has an easy to use chromatic tuner, meaning the days of clipping on a ukulele tuner are over. Although there are lots of good features with the Kala KA-CE, it is worth noting just how handy this is, and a positive bonus for those uke players who continually lose their clip ons!

The Kala KA-CE is a concert sized ukulele with laminate back, top and sides. There is a nice mid brown mahogany stain and the ukulele has been designed well allowing a decent tone, despite it not having solid tonewood. The added advantage is it is more economically priced, but still gives a lot of tone for your money. Aquila strings are fitted and while these tend to be bright in sound in general, in combination with the Kala KA-CE, the tone is very well balanced across all four strings.

The rosewood fingerboard has fret markers at the 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th positions, markings that are matched along the side of the neck. The closed geared tuners are robust and hold the tune well and the action is playable, without losing any volume. The strong acoustic performance is matched by the electrics, which are the same as on many of Kala's premium models - delivering a very good representation of the acoustic tone through an amplifier.

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