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Kala KA-BFTE Limited Edition Bocote Electro Tenor Ukulele

£344.99 £310.49

Kala KA-BFTE Limited Edition Bocote Electro Tenor Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£344.99 £310.49

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This is a wonderful limited edition electro tenor from Kala. It has it all. The Kala's bocote body is gorgeous and its rope style binding completes a fantastic look. The set up is great, build quality excellent and this KA-BFTE has great sounding electrics. The sound is BIG, bold and full, with a great balance between the rich warmth the tonewood delivers and the brightness of the Aquila strings. And it feels great also, not only really playable and smooth to handle, but with a lovely bowled back too.

You may have gathered from that opening assault of praise and compliments that we like this Kala KA-BFTE tenor electro uke. It is the tenor ukulele of choice of our own ukulele enthusiast. He has it fitted with an Aquila red low G string and boy does it perform! With the low G fitted, when you play this tenor uke you can feel the sound vibrating through your body. Another handy feature with the fitted active Kala UK300 preamp is an inbuilt tuner. This is fantastic for those who, like our uke player, are always losing or forgetting a clip on tuner.

The uke has, in addition to the patterned bocote wood, a mahogany neck, custom butterfly headstock inlay and a rosewood fingerboard which is a smooth as a babies bottom, as the saying goes. In addition, a great feature is the black nubone nut and saddle which give the KA-BFTE a great sustain and true tone. It also has good quality, but not overly heavy open geared tuners with black buttons. In short, it is a delight to look at, a delight to play and represents a serious ukulele with a performance level that would suit gigging players and recording artists.