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Kala KA-BFT Limited Edition Bocote Tenor Ukulele

£286.99 £257.99

Kala KA-BFT Limited Edition Bocote Tenor Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£286.99 £257.99

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This limited edition KA-BFT tenor ukulele is gorgeous, a real 'statement' uke. The bocote wood is vividly patterned, the binding and finishing touches are nice, and the KA-BFT features a lovely arched back. But while it looks lovely, the sound is every bit as good, a really rich, sweet tone.

The KA-BFT tenor ukulele has a 17 inch scale, with a rosewood fingerboard, 18 nickel frets and position markers on the side of the neck and the fretboard itself. The neck is mahogany and it has very effective open geared tuners with black buttons. The overall length is 26 and 3/8 inches, the uke has an upper bout width of 6 3/4 inches and a lower bout of 9". The total length of the body is 11 3/4" and it features a black nubone saddle and nut - allowing the strings to ring out very nicely. The nut width is 1 3/8" and all the dimensions are quite within the range of what would be considered a 'normal' tenor ukulele, so you'll have no trouble finding bags and cases to fit.

The Kala KA-BFT has lovely rope binding and a nice butterfly logo on the headstock, denoting the fact it is one of Kala's special edition ukuleles. Our resident ukulele player has one of these (the version with electrics) and this is what he has to say about the Kala KA-BFT bocote tenor: -

'I just love this ukulele. I've played a lot of different models but even when looking at more expensive ones that this, I've stuggled to find one I like more. It sounds gorgeous, particularly with a red Aquila low G fitted. Then, it just resonates brilliantly, filling the room with deep, rich tones with sweet highs too - just a sumptuous sound. You can play gently and get a lovely, responsive and delicate tone, or you can give it some and get loads of volume and tight punchy chords. It is always dangerous for a man beyond the age of 35 to use the term 'rock out' without getting ridiculed, but I love the KA-BFT ukes so much I am prepared to say you can really rock out when you give this uke some welly!'.

So, I think we can conclude he likes the Kala KA-BFT tenor ukulele.