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Kala KA-BFS Limited Edition Bocote Soprano Ukulele

£242.99 £216.00

Kala KA-BFS Limited Edition Bocote Soprano Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£242.99 £216.00

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This is the Kala KA-BFS limited edition soprano ukulele, made from bocote (which is pronounced like coyote). It is a striking looking ukulele, and one of the most interesting regular shaped soprano ukuleles you can buy, with the heavily patterned bocote tonewood. Kala make very few of these ukuleles and they're difficult to get hold of. This sounds obvious when it is a limited edition ukulele, but not all limited editions are as limited as this!

The Kala KA BFS bocote soprano ukulele has a number of features which make the sound full, loud, rounded and warm. The bocote delivers a warm ukulele tone, while the Aquila strings add brightness to give a good balanced sound. This soprano uke also has an arched back, which gives even more resonance and sustain. It is surprisingly loud, but with a controlled, balanced sound.

The limited edition status of this ukulele is denoted by an inlaid butterfly logo on the ukulele headstock. If you want to buy a Kala ukulele with a bit more distinction than the models everyone can get their hands on, you'll need to be a fan of the striking looks delivered by the bocote tonewood, which is strongly patterned. Added to this, the ukulele has a traditional rope effect binding on the top, and custom spruce binding on between the ukulele sides and back. The ukulele fingerboard is very neat, smooth and free-playing, and the black nubone nut and saddle are nice touches to this well crafted ukulele.

We've taken our own photographs of the Kala KA-BFS ukulele as those provided by the manufacturer that you see on most other sites don't represent the colour well at all (it isn't orange so don't trust Kala's images in this case!)