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Kala KA-BFC Limited Edition Bocote Concert Ukulele

£263.99 £209.00

Kala KA-BFC Limited Edition Bocote Concert Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£263.99 £209.00

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This is a beautiful-looking concert ukulele, with a fantastic full and sweet tone. It looks really great, with the highly patterned bocote wood really standing out against the rope- style binding. We've taken our own photographs of this lovely instrument, as those produced by Kala are a bit overbearing, and other retailers have copied and pasted those images. You can now see exactly what this uke looks like properly, rather than the representation portrayed by the makers and the copy-and-paste mob!

The bocote wood (which rhymes with coyote), is a real sensation, but it would be wrong to think this model's attributes are all about the looks. It has a nice, light, but good quality construction and an arched, bowled back. This, together with the black nubone nut and saddle, allow the fitted Aquila strings to really ring true, and resonate fully. While Aquila strings generally produce a bright tone, with the extra 'oomph' the design of this instrument delivers, the sound really is quite full and well balanced, with some nice warmth running through the brightness.

The limited edition status is denoted by the nicely inlaid butterfly logo in the headstock. Limited editions present a bit of a quandry. They have to be good to justify them being a special and interesting investment, although with this model, it is so good you really wish it wasn't so limited in supply!

Overall, this is a well made, lovely looking uke that really delivers on sound. It isn't cheap, but, despite the price tag, it does represent good value. When you play it and see it, it is clear where your extra investment has gone. An all-round cracker of a uke.