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Kala KA-BE Electro Baritone Ukulele

£184.99 £166.49

Kala KA-BE Electro Baritone Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£184.99 £166.49

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This, as you'd expect with a KA-BE, is a Kala Baritone KA-B, but with an E stuck on it! The E in question is an active pickup with a  built in tuner, with volume, bass and treble controls. This particular unit, Kala branded, performs really well. It is the same as they use on some of their more expensive tenor electro ukuleles, and while perhaps doesn't have the reputation of a Fishman, it seems to perform to the task very well.

The KA-BE has a satin finish to the mahogany veneer body. It is relatively basic in finish, neat and tidy but without a great deal of adornment, aside from the white body binding. And while the laminate body is what you'd expect at this price - the tone is certainly good for the money, with quite a rich, pleasing tone - heavy on warmth but with the treble notes standing out well against this bassy background mix.

The Kala KA-BE has Aquila strings in DGBE configuration and closed geared tuners. In some ways it is a little unexciting, until you consider the value - especially if you're going to use the uke plugged in regularly, when its performance is really quite impressive. There are better looking ukes, and one that sound better too - but not at this price point in our experience.