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Kala KA-ASAC-S All Solid Acacia Soprano Ukulele

£364.99 £328.49

Kala KA-ASAC-S All Solid Acacia Soprano Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£364.99 £328.49

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The Kala KA-ASAC-S soprano ukulele is a really nice intermediate level uke - perfect for advancing players, or those who have other sizes already and need a soprano uke to complete the set. As with all of Kala's all solid acacia series, it offers a very high specification and level of finish, making for a nice sounding ukulele that is a bit of a looker too. All solid tonewood, beautiful binding and purfling and a deep, woody tone make the Kala KA-ASAC-S a bit special.

The acacia used with the Kala KA-ASAC-S is of high grade, and offers a lovely grain. This will vary from uke to uke, so each will be unique. The lovely mid brown colour of the acacia looks really pretty alongside the rosewood binding and gorgeous herringbone purfling - and the fingerboard position markers have a pretty pattern too. So, the looks are covered - visually it is very appealing indeed.

This solid acacia uke has a deep, woody tone. Although strung with Aquila, which pick out the high notes quite nicely, there is a definite leaning towards warmth and depth in the KA-ASAC-S's voice. There is definitely something special going on when you play this ukulele - almost like built in reverb - a pleasant, almost echoing tone which spills over into rolling warmth.

The Kala KA-ASAC-S is equipped with friction tuners and feels well balanced and nice in the hands. The standard of construction is very high and it looks and sound unique. A lovely, good quality and nice sounding soprano ukulele for your collection.