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Kala KA-ABP-CTG Solid Cedar Top Baritone Ukulele - Slot Head

£299.99 £269.99

Kala KA-ABP-CTG Solid Cedar Top Baritone Ukulele - Slot Head

Manufacturer: Kala


£299.99 £269.99

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The solid cedar top Kala KA-ABP-CTG baritone ukulele is a beautiful thing to look at, to hold, to play and to listen to. With this series of ukes, Kala has really got it right - with a solid, tightly grained aged cedar top providing a rich, sweet tone. The back and sides are fantastic looking golden acacia laminate, which simply looks stunning under the gloss finish of this ukulele. The KA-ABP-CTG's slotted headstock has multiple layers of veneer, giving a marvellous effect - and the deep red padauk binding is gorgeous too. Look back at that last paragraph a second and you'll find the words 'beautiful', 'fantastic', 'stunning', 'marvellous' and 'gorgeous'. No Kala KA-ABP-CTG baritone ukulele review would complete without these words!

The Kala KA-ABT-CTG baritone uke has top quality Grover geared tuners, which are effortless to use, with tactile, smooth metal buttons. The bound rosewood fingerboard is smooth, the 19 frets are well done and the instrument comes fitted with standard baritone tuning (DGBE) Aquila ukulele strings. It feels nicely balanced with the slotted headstock and plays very nicely indeed. One of the first we had went to our resident ukulele expert Matt, who explains: -

'There's no doubt this is a stunning looking uke, which does help, but its main quality is the power, the depth and the responsiveness of tone. You can play it delicately and it sings gently and sweetly, and then sharply change your style and have big booming tones ringing out. It is one of the most expressive ukuleles I've played, and when I saw it was pitched at such a competitive price, I decided to add to my own collection. It is great with the Aquila strings on, but I've re-strung mine with Worth BT-LG strings - it seems to handle the these tenor strings fine, and this allows me to stick to my GCEA chord shapes and songs, while emphasing the bass of the baritone with an unwound low G. I am delighted with this KA-ABT-CTG, and it sounds and feels like a more expensive instrument'.