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Kala KA-8 Gloss Finish Tenor 8 String Ukulele

£239.99 £214.00

Kala KA-8 Gloss Finish Tenor 8 String Ukulele

Manufacturer: Kala


£239.99 £214.00

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The Kala KA-8 represents an entry level tenor 8 string ukulele, but just because it is at the cheaper end of the tenor 8 string range, doesn't mean it doesn't deliver a good tone and good value. In fact, while we'd be delighted if you spent a lot more on an 8-string uke, if you are on a limited budget but still want to expand your uke collection to include an 8-string, this is a really good option. Simply because it has double the normal number of strings gives you a big, complex tone.

If there was anywhere where you can spend less and still get a good sound it is in the 8-string market, where the strings have such a big influence on the tone, slightly lessening the importance of solid tonewoods (this KA-8 is laminate mahogany). With a normal tenor, you can more easily see where your extra money goes if you pay more - while you'll probably find that the 8 string sound is so big and bold, if you go for a Kala KA-8 over a more expensive model, you're unlikely to be too disappointed.

The Kala KA-8 has a nice gloss finish, which makes the uke look smart and neat, while also aiding the projection and sing delivered by the Aquila strings. These are kept in tune with decent quality geared tuners. The one is very big, with a solid, bassy background complimented by lots of jingling highs.