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Kala KA-6 Six String Tenor Ukulele - Gloss Finish, Full Tone

£221.99 £198.00

Kala KA-6 Six String Tenor Ukulele - Gloss Finish, Full Tone

Manufacturer: Kala


£221.99 £198.00

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What does this Kala 6 string ukulele, the KA-6, give you? Well, apart from two extra strings? Well, it gives you a greater range, a fuller, richer sound, some chiming octaves and more volume. At the most primitive level, you could justify the decision to buy a Kala KA-6 by saying that now you'll be louder than that bloke you sit next to at your ukulele group, who always plays out of time and puts you off. Yes, with this rounded, ringing and texture-rich tone you'll drown him out no problem! A more serious reason is that you play just like a regular uke but get much more back, more harmonics, more complexity. Strum and you'll get more bass, plus some chiming overtones. Pick and you'll be rewarded with a really delightful, folky sound - singing highs and smooth lows.

The Kala KA-6 has a laminate mahogany body, with cream binding, with black and white purfling and soundhole rosette. The binding continues onto the fingerboard, where the frets are well dressed and the rosewood used of high quality. Black position markers down the side of the neck, plus white pearloid ones on the fretboard itself ensure you'll not lose your way!. Then, the Kala KA-6 tenor six string ukulele has a nice slotted headstock, with gold, geared tuners.

While the Kala KA-6 is an entry level six string ukulele, the sound it produces is very nice indeed. The tuning is regular re-entrant GCEA, but the C string and A strings are paired. In the case of the C, there is an accompanying high C (very sweet!), and the A string has a matching low A, an octave below, providing more bass. It seems unusual, but you soon get used to it and can get on to exploit the interesting range of sounds this great format can provide.