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Kala AMP-TWD 5 Watt Ukulele Amplifier - Mains or Battery Powered


Kala AMP-TWD 5 Watt Ukulele Amplifier - Mains or Battery Powered

Manufacturer: Kala



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This is very stylish little ukulele amplfier from Kala, the 5 watt AMP-TWD. It is compact and versatile, with an included mains adaptor or battery power (batteries are also included). It is all housed in tweed style material which is robust and very cool looking! It is light, and measures 27.5cm wide, by 18cm high and 12cm deep - so is the sort of size where if you are travelling to a ukulele club, it is easily transportable.

Obviously, at 5 watts with a small speaker, this isn't the loudest amp in the world - but the quality of sound is actually not to be sniffed at. It has a clean and pleasant representation of ukulele tone and appears to have been designed specifically with ukes in mind, rather than a re-badging of a guitar specific product. Even at full volume, it doesn't have massive power, but is ideal for practicing at home, using in conjunction with effects, or giving an instrument a bit of a boost with your ukulele group. It will fill a room with noise, is good for boosting volume while busking, but isn't powerful enough for anything but the smallest gigs.

There are volume and tone controls as you would expect, with a normal size jack input for your ukulele (it doesn't include a jack to jack lead to link amp and uke together). There is a 1/8" auxilliary input also, which allows you to plug an mp3 player in and play songs through the amp - so you can accompany your favourite tunes on the ukulele. There is also a headphone socket.

It looks good and isn't extortionately priced, and it performs well with a ukulele as a ukulele amplifier should. If you want something so you can give yourself a boost in volume, or experiment at home with an electro uke, this little Kala AMP-TWD is spot on.