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Kala ACS Alligator Soprano Ukulele Hard Case

£83.99 £75.59

Kala ACS Alligator Soprano Ukulele Hard Case

Manufacturer: kala


£83.99 £75.59

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This alligator hard case for soprano ukulele is great quality, outside and in. And thankfully it has never seen an alligator - although the style of the tough outer brown coating resembles alligator skin. This soprano hard case has a tough wood shell and a soft brown inner lining, with extra padding in all the right places. The handle is robust, as are the chromed catches and it has a metal plate on the base to prevent damage if you bump it, or put it down a little roughly.

Also included with the Kala ACS alligator soprano ukulele hard case is a padded shoulder strap, which can be fully disconnected, and a key for a lockable clasp. There is a reasonably large internal compartment which will take a tuner easily, and also some small miniature cushions in the same material as the inner lining. Although this case is a perfect fit for most soprano ukes, including all Kala models (that aren't long neck sopranos!), if your uke is slightly smaller in body size than other sopranos, you can use these little cushions to pad out the areas where the case is loosely fitting. The vast majority of soprano ukes however, are perfectly fine to fit in the case. One often problem area is the headstock cavity - but this ACS case from Kala is comfortably wide at that point.

The total internal length is 57cm, although the cushioned padding will allow up to 58cm, or squeeze down to accomade a ukulele with a strap button fixed to its bottom.  The bottom bout width is 18cm, but again this will compress to allow a uke around 19.5cm wide at this point. The top bout will take a uke of 14cm at this point, and the headstock area is 11.5cm wide. The depth is 8.5cm.