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Thibouville Lamy

JTL Purple Shaped Violin Case all sizes


JTL Purple Shaped Violin Case all sizes

Manufacturer: Thibouville Lamy



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A good quality, and very purple violin case from J Thibouville Lamy, who have been involved with stringed instruments for well over 100 years. This purple violin case is well made, offering good protection for violins without being particularly heavy. It is very similar in quality and construction to the cases provided with Stentor violin outfits (although the metal clasps and joints are more robust with the JTL case).

Inside the purple violin case, there is a velvet type lining, together with a moulded, shaped space to perfectly the violin. The purple violin case also has space for two violin bows, is complete with a compartment for violin rosin and there is ample room to store a violin shoulder rest also.

The case is very attractive, if you like bright purple that is! If your chuild has a desire for a purple violin, this case might provide a perfect compromise.