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Jones Oboe Reed Medium European Scrape


Jones Oboe Reed Medium European Scrape

Manufacturer: Jones



The delivery cost of this item is 98p.

Jones Double Reed Products, LLC (JDRP) is the world’s largest manufacturer of precision musical instrument double reeds. Only the finest Arundo Donax cane grown in southern France is used. JDRP’s double reeds are used by professional and student oboe and bassoon players in nearly every country.

The Jones oboe reed is one of the few commercial oboe reeds available with the European long scrape used by nearly all professionals. Only the finest French cane is selected. To ensure that the proper tip opening is obtained without using a wire, the cane is sorted for the correct diameter. Then the cane is processed by skilled craftsmen using the world’s most advanced reed machinery. Each reed is individually tested and adjusted by hand. Nearly every reed receives some hand scraping before final inspection and packaging.

Jones oboe reeds in our experience prove particularly fine when playing the lower registers.

Usually despatched within 2-4 working days.