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Jargar Cello Strings Set..


Jargar Cello Strings Set..

Manufacturer: Jargar



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Jargar strings are manufactured with a special, flexible steel core developed by Danish cellist Jarl Hansen. What Hansen developed is a steel core based string, wound with thin threads of pure or alloyed metal - mainly aluminium and copper. These strings have a warm and brilliant tone, and are more durable, more stable and have greater strength than gut strings. To this day Jargar strings are handmade in Denmark, and they have become highly popular in the classical world due to their unique responsiveness! Jargar cello strings are only made for full size instruments.

String diameters:

  • C - 1.71mm
  • G - 1.16mm
  • D - 0.98mm
  • A - 0.74mm

Jargar also make special C and G strings for cello, with an upper winding of pure silver. Called "Silver Sound", they have tonal qualities closer to those of gut strings. Please enquire for further details...

Top-quality cello strings by Jargar. With solid steel cores for a bright, focused tone. Medium Tension. Recommended!