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J Michael

J Michael Bassoon


J Michael Bassoon

Manufacturer: J Michael



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Here at Omega Music we love bassoons! One of our directors is a keen player and has been involved with this instrument for many years. Professional instruments are vastly expensive while cheap Chinese copies are difficult to play and likely to put players off.
It has to be said that this very important member of the woodwind family is a strange one. You are unlikely to find a perfect student instrument. The fingering for some notes can be different from bassoon to bassoon, even if they're the same model!
Every orchestra has two bassoons and because of the cost of getting started, fewer and fewer students are starting. The bassoon is becoming an endangered species!
Finding a relatively inexpensive student instrument is vitally important. We think we have found one.
The J Michael Bassoon is a Japanese design and has an astonishingly good tone. The tuning and intonation is good and the keywork well- built and very positive. We modify some of the spring tensions to make for lighter fingering

The Specifications :
    •    22 keys including high-D key, double C-touchplate
    •    4 rollers, F-Ab, C#-Eb
    •    Nickel-silver keywork, bright silver-plated
    •    Body made of 10 year old alpine maple wood
    •    Special Luracast bore lining in wing joint and boot joint to Ab
    •    1 hand-hammered bocal
    •    Durable and attractive gig-bag with nylon cover, backpack construction and accessories
    •    High E-key,large Bb/F# key guard.

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