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Ibanez Troubadour T30 Acoustic amplifier

£179.00 £169.00

Ibanez Troubadour T30 Acoustic amplifier

Manufacturer: Ibanez


£179.00 £169.00

The delivery cost of this item is £7.95.

Ibanez's excellent small venue acoustic combo, extremely portable (only 6.2 kg) and a great retro, quality, boutique look. Twin channel, one instrument input with chorus and a XLR microphone input, both channels have a separate eq. There is also a master reverb, which is added to both channels.

We've tried various guitars with different pickup systems, and found the T30  quite easily filled the room with a good clear sound. The chorus is sweet sounding, while the reverb is subtle. It also worked very well with the ukuleles we tried through it, and also mandolin and bouzouki.

It has a headphone socket and aux input for CD or MP3 player.

    Output power: 30 w @ 8 ohm
    Speaker unit: 8" coaxial speaker (with tweeter)
    Instrument channel with Volume, Treble, Bass, Chorus Speed & on/off switch
    Microphone channel with Volume, Bass, Treble
    Master Reverb, Master Volume
    Instrument 1/4" Jack, Microphone input XLR,
    Headphone out stereo 3.5 mm, Aux input 3.5 mm Jack
    Cabinet: closed back with tilt up system
    size: 340(W)x240(D)x276(H) mm
    weight: 6.2 kg