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Hazy Timpani Head By Remo Size 28"



Hazy Timpani Head By Remo Size 28"

Manufacturer: Remo



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These are the standard plastic timpani heads from Remo.  Quality plastic heads for those on a budget. They have a a clear, bright sound and are ideal for any make of drum. Head sizes available usually from stock 23.5" ,25", 26", 28" , 29", 31", 33", 34" and 35".

We also stock peculiar sizes

For Premier Timpani- Academy, Concert and Pro-Symphonic you need a head that is 1" bigger than bowl size e.g. 25" timp needs 26" head. First figure is bowl size, second is head size:22.5 =2308  25=2600  28=2900  30=3100  32=3300

For Adams, Yamaha, Ludwig, Majestic you need a head 2" bigger than bowl size. e.g. 26" drum needs 28" head. 20=2200   23=2500  26=2800  29=3100 32=3400.

If in doubt, please call us first before ordering.If you have an unusual size drum (Ludwig Universal for example) please call with your requirements.Please mark on your order which type and model of timpani you have. Download the REMO head size chart for help in choosing.

To find the size you need measure across the diameter of the outer rim of the old head or the inside of the counter hoop.

N.B. Many older timpani were hand-made and the heads (usually vellum on a wooden hoop) were unique to that drum, so standard heads will not fit them. Contact us for the name of a company that makes these, though be warned, they are usually over £100 each.