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Graph Tech TUSQ Replacement Ukulele Saddle PQ-9250-00


Graph Tech TUSQ Replacement Ukulele Saddle PQ-9250-00

Manufacturer: Graphtech



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A ukulele saddle, as a replacement part or upgrade to basic plastic saddles. The Graphtech model is made from TUSQ, a man-made equivalent to ivory. Graphtech say of this material, 'TUSQ delivers a rich tone, crystal clear bell like high end with big open lows and a significant increase in harmonic content and harmonic sustain.  Increase harmonics equals more richness and character in your tone.  Its the difference between a four piece choir and a twelve piece choir singing every time your play a note.'

Whether a strip of man made material can quite live up to that description is open to debate! Even if it was made of unicorn bone it seems a bit of a stretch of the imagination! However, what is true is that this saddle increases the ring and improves the tonal character of your instrument, compared to using regular plastic.

The length of this ukulele saddle, part number PQ-9250-00, is 62.26mm, equivalent to a normal baritone uke saddle. It can be cut down to make it suitable for smaller uke sizes, soprano, concert and tenor. The width is 3.3mm, so will fit into the vast majority of bridge slots. The height of 7.09mm can of course be lowered with fine grit sandpaper, but of course, not all of that height will appear above the height your your bridge slot, so keep that in mind.