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GLX PGS-5 Micro Amp


GLX PGS-5 Micro Amp

Manufacturer: Boston



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Cool little 5w amp with clean and overdriven sound,but when you insert a micro SD Card you can play stored mp3 or .wav files.You can also jam along to the audio file stored on the card, plus you can record your guitar playing direct to the card, and then jam along with what you've recorded.

There is also two extra inputs, 1 aux in and 1 mic in - these are mini jack ins, but we tried plugging in another guitar into the mic input and a keyboard into the aux channel, and we were able to record all three instruments to the card. Great for songwriting ideas on the road.

The USB slot and cable provided hook the amp up to your PC or MAC and once connected start to recharge the internal battery. (any USB charger will do the job) You can also access the micro SD card, adding more song files or taking files you've recorded off. When in USB mode connected to your computer, you can use the PSG-5 as a guitar input for your DAW software.

The belt clip on the back unslots and then can be turned into a stand for the PSG-5.


    Guitar input with tone control, volume control and amp mode setting
    Master volume
    aux and mic input
    Headphone out
    USB out
    Micro SD card slot
    MP3 controls ,play/stop/Fwd/Bwd/EQ setting
    power 5w
    frequency range 25Hz-20KHz
    dimensions 98mm x 139mm x 46mm
    weight 260g