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GLX GT-20-B Bass Amplifier - Great Bass Ukulele Amp..


GLX GT-20-B Bass Amplifier - Great Bass Ukulele Amp..

Manufacturer: Boston



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This is a great little practice amp to use with bass ukuleles. They've been around for a little bit, and getting good reviews for electro acoustic bass amplification, so we got them in to try with the UBASS and other bass ukuleles. We'd been searching for a good little bass practice amp for a while, and while there were good options out there, often they were quite expensive. But with this amp for bass ukuleles, there is a really good balance of tone, rugged build and more volume that you would expect from a 20w bass amp.

We tried this with bass ukuleles and were impressed with the way it performed, giving an excellent bass response and not distorting the upright-bass type rolling tone from the UBASS and other bass models. There are better known brands that do ok with bass ukes, but this amplifier seems to have the edge over them.

The volume is particularly impressive. Although it is 20 watts, it seems to punch well above that weight. So, while it is primarily a practice amp, this is a good little performer for bass players  accompanying their uke groups at practices and small gigs. The extra poke it seems to have is particularly good as you don't need to turn the volume up too high to get a good loud response, meaning there isn't much distortion of sound, even when there is plenty of volume.

This UBASS amp has treble, middle, bass and volume controls as you would expect. It is build extremely solidly and looks good too. It also has a presence control. It would be nice to think you could turn the presence knob down to zero and the amp would just disappear. Nice, but frankly, quite silly. What it actually does is boost the upper mid range frequencies, making sound more clearly defined and punchier. This is useful if you do a bit of slap bass work or solos. But no worries if you don't, you can keep the bass line going no problem in uke band sessions with this quality little amp.

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