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GLX UKA-15 15W Acoustic Amplifier - Recommended Ukulele Amp

£89.00 £79.00

GLX UKA-15 15W Acoustic Amplifier - Recommended Ukulele Amp

Manufacturer: Jackson International


£89.00 £79.00

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This is an excellent ukulele amplifier which we have had produced with specially requested modifications that optimise the performance specifcally for ukes. It is common to use a guitar amp but we just couldn't find a reasonably priced bit of kit that performed in the way we liked when you've got a uke plugged in. So, we found a good product and had a production run completed with some technical changes. These have produced a very highly recommended ukulele amp, spefically made for the instrument.

It is compact in size but packs a real punch in terms of volume. This GLX UKA-15 amplifier has a 6 inch speaker which will more than fill a bedroom or practice room with noise. There is also a headphone socket, auxilliary input and interestingly an MP3 input. This allows you to plug in an iPod or other MP3 player and accompany yourself on the uke with your favourite tracks. Another excellent feature is the build in chorus effect.

The key thing about this ukulele amplifier though is the sound quality. It performs brilliantly, without the slightest hint of interference or hiss. The amp picks up signals from your instrument cleanly, minimising the noise of your fingers or pick on the strings - reducing the audible 'clack' you can get with some equipment when you play. If you aren't happy with this little amp at this price we'd be astonished. That isn't 'marketing speak' it is genuine, it is simply the best ukulele amp we've ever used at this affordable price tag.

Please note that these are designed for acoustic ukuleles, solid body (like Risa) ukes work better with electric guitar amps such as the Carlsbro Kickstart, Roland Cube series or the Laney LX and LG series. This ukulele amp is 31cm tall, 28cm wide and 17cm deep.