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Gliga Gama Dark Antiqued violin 4/4 instrument only


Gliga Gama Dark Antiqued violin 4/4 instrument only

Manufacturer: Gliga



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Full size (4/4) Gama Professional Handmade Violin - Excellent Workmanship - - Professional Set-up - Exceptional Beauty - Superior Sound - Ready to play.

All Gama Professional violins are HANDMADE by the best luthiers in Gliga's workshop. All Gama violins are finished with a special formula of German varnish, whose elasticity factors have been perfected to allow the fibres of the wood to vibrate freely and produce extraordinary sounds, while ensuring an optimal wood protection. Gama Professional Violins are usually chosen by advanced players, adult amateurs who play the violin as a hobby, orchestra players, and anyone else who wants to own and play a fine violin.  Gama violins are superior to those listed under the Gems 1 level by the wood quality and aesthetic value, manufacturing process, finishing style, and accessories. All these elements are of superior quality, which have a direct influence on the quality of the sound.

A standard GAMA violin is set up with Thomastik Dominant strings and a standard tailpiece with one fine tuner. To change these settings just let us know. The woods used in making this violin are as follows: - Solid Carpathian Resonance Spruce (Latin name: Picea Abies ) - used for the top plate of the instrument, the bass bar, the blocks, the corner-blocks, the linings, and the sound post. - Solid Carpathian Flamed Mountain Maple (Latin name: Acer Pseudoplatanus L.) - used for the back plate of the instruments, the neck, the scroll, the peg box, the ribs, the bridge, and sometimes the accessories. - Ebony (Latin name: Diospyros sp.) - used for the accessories: fingerboard, pegs, top nut, purfling, chinrest, tailpiece, the saddle, and the end pin.

The finish is a darkened varnish giving the instrument the look of a fine older instrument.

This is the instrument only. We have recommendations for suitable bows, rosins, cases etc below.