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Dogal Blue Cello String Set


Dogal Blue Cello String Set

Manufacturer: Dogal



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The Dogal Blue Label Cello string set  is suited for progressing musicians for their soft touch and powerful sound. Collaboration with leading musicians and technicians lead to the birth of the Blue Label.

Dogal hand produces strings for musical instruments since 1950. Specialized in strings for violin, viola, cello, double bass from both study at the concert level.

Dogal Strings - the first choice of many teachers and pupils - are made in Venice. These strings are beautifully made from fine quality materials with multiple windings. Dogal packs are hermetically sealed to ensure that the strings reach the players in perfect condition. The Blue label strings are quality super flexible chrome strings, ideal for soloist use.The tension of these strings is similar to that of gut, making them suitable for use on old instruments.

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