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Digital Tuning Meter For Woodwind TGi98W

£14.50 £13.50

Digital Tuning Meter For Woodwind TGi98W

Manufacturer: TGI


£14.50 £13.50

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TGi98W Digital tuning meter for woodwind and brass,  a great all-in-one tuner and metronome.
The TGI98W gives the user a fully featured woodwind, brass and chromatic tuner suitable for tuning your instrument, plus a fully featured digital metronome. The metronome emits a clear ‘beep’ sound from its built in speaker or from its headphone output, and can also indicate note values that include crochets, quavers, semiquavers, demi-semi quavers etc.
The tuner works via its built in microphone or via a clip on Transducer Pickup, ideal for noisy rehearsal rooms.

  • Tuning Range;  A0 - C8,
  • Tempo;  30- 250bpm, 
  • Beat; 0 to 9,
  • Key Change; C, F, Bb, Eb.

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