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Denis Wick

Denis Wick Heritage Trombone Mouthpiece 4ABL

£113.00 £95.00

Denis Wick Heritage Trombone Mouthpiece 4ABL

Manufacturer: Denis Wick


£113.00 £95.00

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The innovation behind the Heritage series for trombone lies in the combination of increased mass at key points that reduce energy loss with thinner upper walls that provide power and sensitivity at all dynamic levels. The result is maximum sensitivity and response with clearer overtones and improved range.
Like the 4AL but with a modified backbore. Rich tone with improved high register.
Cup diameter: 26.00mm.
Rim width: 6.72mm.
Throat: 7.38mm.
Backbore: Medium. Large shank. Gold plated rim and inner cup.


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