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Denis Wick

Denis Wick Gold Cornet Mouthpiece No.2B


Denis Wick Gold Cornet Mouthpiece No.2B

Manufacturer: Denis Wick



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A well known brass player has said "Denis Wick mouthpieces, to me are very unique. They have extremely thick plating, are perfectly shaped inside for the tones I love, heavy enough to not badly influence the sound with 'close-to-the-lip harmonics', a nice, wide rim to prevent fatigue, and just look really clean and neat."

Usually dispatched within 2-4 working days. However, please note that due to the wide range of products Denis Wick offer, not all variants are available at all times. Please contact us to check availability.

  • Excellent clarinet in the high register.
Cup diameter: 17.00mm.

  • Rim width: 4.92mm.

  • Throat: 4.3mm.
Backbore: V-Type.
  • 4881-2B