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Percussion Plus

Cowbell 9.5" (24cms) - PP673


Cowbell 9.5" (24cms) - PP673

Manufacturer: Percussion Plus



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Cowbell 9.5" (24cms) - PP669
The cowbell is an idiophone hand percussion instrument used in various styles of music. It is named after the similar bell historically used by herdsmen to keep track of the whereabouts of their cows. 

Our range come in a dark grey/black colour and come in five different sizes:
4.5" (11cm) 
5.5" (13cms) PP670
6.5" (16cms) PP671
7.5" (19cms) PP672
9.5" (24cm)  PP673 

Also available is a pack of five cowbell beaters PP674 and a PP582 cowbell holder