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Eastman Strings

Concertante Cello The Montagnana


Concertante Cello The Montagnana

Manufacturer: Eastman Strings



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This is a superb cello from the Eastman string company. It is made to the specification of the famous Montagnana model. It has a large and expansive tone capability of robust sounds. The dynamic range is impressive since it is also will produceĀ  wispy delicate passages of music.

The finish is hand-applied spirit varnish . The body is of hand-carved spruce and maple and it is fitted with a Despiau bridge. It has a carbon fibre spike so that the whole sound is live, not sharing it with the ground!

We fit our cello with Larsen strings .

This cello is slightly larger than some but fits nicely into the K2 carbon fibre case.