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Clip On Belt Ukulele Support - Easily Balance & Support Your Uke


Clip On Belt Ukulele Support - Easily Balance & Support Your Uke

Manufacturer: TGI



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This is such a simple idea, yet it is really effective. It is a tough plastic clip that goes onto your belt, with a protruding ledge, which has soft padded material on. The result is something you can use to balance your ukulele on while playing standing up. You rest the bottom of your uke on the ledge and it takes all the weight. It holds the uke in a position similar to that you would have if you were sitting down with it resting on your thigh.

Although simple in design, the clip on ukulele support is very tough and well made (in Germany). What it was designed for is in fact guitars - and we brought it in to use in that way too. That is what is says on the box after all. However, it isn't that good with a guitar. The extra weight means you can feel the clip part of the support digging into your leg a bit. But for a ukulele, it is just perfect. No strap needed, no playing high up on your body if that isn't comfortable for you, no uke slipping down your clothing while you play!

Are there any drawbacks? Well. It isn't any good if you are, erm, a bit on the larger size in the abdominal area. Our model here has a bit of a pot belly and it is absolutely fine - but if you have a much bigger, protruding tummy, this isn't for you. Also, if you don't wear belts it isn't as good. You can stick it in your jeans and it works just the same but it might feel a bit odd with a ukulele support in your pants. But other than that, it is absolutely ideal!