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Claude Lakey

Claude Lakey Original Alto Sax Mouthpiece..


Claude Lakey Original Alto Sax Mouthpiece..

Manufacturer: Claude Lakey



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The legendary alto sax mouthpiece designed by Claude Lakey in the 1960s is free-blowing with a bright tone which can be driven to produce real bite.
Lakey mouthpieces are capable of a rich, creamy tone when played delicately and will blend nicely in ensemble playing.
When pushed a bit harder, though, you are rewarded with a bright, edgy tone with loads of projection allowing you to cut through in solo sections.
The versatility of these mouthpieces makes them suitable for all styles of music but they have found particular favour in rock and pop, due to their power and projection.

The 5*3 is probably the most versatile version, with a 0.80mm tip opening, allowing for blend or projection as appropriate.

The 6*3 features a slightly wider 0.85 tip opening for extra projection and is a favourite amongst lead players.

The 7*3 gives you extra projection and clarity of tone due to its 0.90 tip opening and is the one to go for when you need to cut through in rock and pop bands.

Claude Lakey mouthpieces are hand-finished in the USA and are supplied as mouthpiece only.