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Chalklin Timpani Beaters MS Symphonic


Chalklin Timpani Beaters MS Symphonic

Manufacturer: Chalklin



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These are solid Medium felt

Specifically designed for maximum tonal response ‘Symphonic’ timpani mallets are made in five varying grades from staccato woodball, through medium solid felt to seamless sack-type. The latter having cork inner cores oversewn with fine gradations of piano felt. The parallel handles are of selected turned maple finished with hard lacquer.

MS21 Solid Felt -Medium - MS22 Sewn felt hard - MS23 Sewn felt Medium - MS34 Sewn felt soft - MS25 Wood ball "Legno"

MS31 combination stick  snare stick and mediun timpani beater.

In developing his extensive range of percussion mallets Paul Chalklin has drawn on his wide experience as teacher, orchestral/session musician and technician and is motivated by the belief that percussion products of quality enough to satisfy the exacting demands of professional musicians can be produced at realistic prices. The materials used and the craftsmanship employed keep these aims constantly in mind.