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Carlsbro TC Series 15W Valve Head & Cab

£429.00 £329.00

Carlsbro TC Series 15W Valve Head & Cab

Manufacturer: Carlsbro


£429.00 £329.00

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15 watts of valve power. Clean, Overdrive and flat-out metal. These really are great liitle amps, you just can't help but smile when you kick it into boost on  the overdrive channel.

2 Channels which are switchable by footswitch (not provided) - Clean and Overdrive which also has a boost switch, also controllable from a footswitch. (not provided)

No reverb, but has send and return loop. 3 band eq, which is very musical. Classic setting = full treble, full bass and full cut middle + overdirve and boost, the rock metal sound.....

This last one we have is badged up as Carlsbro, and they have now re-badged everything as EVO. So we have to move this amp on at a reduced the price. Remember this also includes the 60 watt rated speaker cab, that is designed for this amp. Of course you can use any other cab, using one of the three options on the back, 16, 8 and 4 ohm.


We have one ex display one left, in tip top condition.