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Brunswick Mahogany Electro Concert Ukulele BU4CE

£95.99 £88.00

Brunswick Mahogany Electro Concert Ukulele BU4CE

Manufacturer: Brunswick


£95.99 £88.00

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The Brunswick BU4CE concert electro ukulele is a very good value uke for its excellent tone, especially when compared to some of the more expensive rivals it competes against. It is smart, but plain to look at, with the bulk of that value concentrated in how it sounds. This Brunswick electro uke has a strong, clear tone, which is well balanced. The bass notes are rich while the higher notes really stand out against the warmer background tone while strumming. Although the ukulele is not solid in terms of its construction, its tone is certainly solid - with a better tone than some entry level solid top ukuleles.

The BU4CE concert ukulele is well made, a with laminate mahogany body finished with white binding. The new models we have here now have a nu-bone nut, emulating bone, which increase the ring the strings give. The closed, chromed machine heads seem very good quality too and are certainly effective.

Our tests with an amplifier were very positive, with the nice acoustic tone very well matched to the amplified performance. We were spoiled a little by using a very good amp, but it is good to know that when plugged in, this Brunswick ukulele can deliver the goods - and will only be limited by the amp used. The unit is a Cherub GU-3, with bass, treble and volume controls - and a built in tuner. (This is an updated model, and the tuner is a new addition).

In all, the value of this Brunswick BU4CE concert electro is the key feature. The tone is good, it is constructed well and it is nicely balanced - quite light for a uke with pickup fitted. It isn't flash, there's no abalone inlays or fancy woods - but what has been done well is the design, which produces a very creditable tone for the price.