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Brunswick BU5B Maple Baritone Ukulele - GCEA Tuning

£74.00 £65.00

Brunswick BU5B Maple Baritone Ukulele - GCEA Tuning

Manufacturer: Brunswick


£74.00 £65.00

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The popular Brunswick ukulele is now available in a very attractive and tactile maple version. If anything, while the Brunswick mahogany ukulele always scores very highly in customer reviews, this maple version is made to an even higher standard. They look great and feel even nicer, the smoothness of the neck is a particular high point of this ukulele.

Soundwise, with Aquila strings equipped, there is a good amount of volume with these ukes. They deliver a bright tone that outperforms many ukuleles in this price bracket. In all, a good choice for a serious beginner, or because of the distinctive look, a good addition to any ukulele collection.

Many baritone ukuleles have guitar (DGBE) tuning but this one has GCEA tuning, like soprano, tenor and concert ukuleles. You can string it up with regular baritone strings if you like, or leave it as it is so you can have the benefit of a larger, louder instrument, with regular GCEA ukulele tuning.